Wheelchair Accessible Rooms in Montrose, Colorado

1ST Interstate Inn is the ideal facility for those who are looking for a wheelchair-accessible hotel in Montrose, Colorado. We know the challenges that many wheelchair users have when staying at a hotel and we strive to provide the best amenities to guarantee their comfort. We have done everything possible to make all areas of our hotel accessible to wheelchair users. You are assured of easy access in our well-designed and spacious accessible guest rooms.

Wheelchair accessible public areas

At 1ST Interstate Inn, we have a step-free entrance and our main door is big enough to provide adequate space for your wheelchair. Our hotel has been designed with space in mind in all the common areas to guarantee easy access for everyone. When you stay in our hotel, you will never have challenges moving around the hotel because we have ensured that every area of the hotel is free from any barriers that may hinder movement.

Adaptable guestrooms

1ST Interstate Inn boasts of having the most elegant and comfortable accessible guestrooms in Montrose, Colorado. Our hotel rooms have adequate space that will ensure you can move around the room with ease. We have ensured every side of the bed has enough room to accommodate a wheelchair of any size. The guestroom doors are also wide enough to ensure you enter and leave the room without any inconvenience. With all our accessible amenities, you can be confident that your stay will be comfortable.

Accessible hotel bathrooms

We understand that the bathroom is an essential part of the guest room. As a result, we have designed all bathroom facilities in the accessible rooms for easy use by wheelchair users. Our bathrooms have adequate space allowing you access using your wheelchair. All bathrooms have toilet support rails and roll-in showers to ensure you use them safely and with ease.

Unmatched flexibility

At 1ST Interstate Inn, we are always willing to learn to provide the best services for handicapped guests. We work closely with relevant stakeholders to ensure that we understand the needs of wheelchair users with regards to accommodation. We are always flexible and we will ensure that you have everything that you need to make your stay with us comfortable and memorable. Regardless of your needs, you can be confident that your needs will be catered for.

Most travelers on wheelchairs have a hard time finding the right hotel when traveling for leisure or business. As one of the leading hotels in Montrose, we have adapted most areas of our property to cater to every physically challenged guest. We strive to provide a comfortable stay and you will have easy access whether you choose to stay indoors or outdoors. If you are looking for an accessible hotel without any limitations, you should book your stay with 1ST Interstate Inn in Montrose, Colorado today.