Four Important Things That Every Guest Should Expect from Their Hotel

Feb 16, 2021

When traveling, most people still prefer to stay in hotels as opposed to other accommodation facilities. Even though the hotel industry has grown tremendously over the years, there are basic amenities and services that many guests expect from their preferred hotel. Without them, most people feel like they have had the worst accommodation experience ever. Here are top five things that most guests expect from their hotel.

Cleanliness and comfort

Guests expect a hotel to be clean regardless of whether it is a five-star hotel or a discount motel. Cleanliness makes guests feel taken care of and welcome and it is also sanitary. If your standards of cleanliness are not up to par, then you need to improve because it may be the sole reason why you are losing customers. Apart from a comfortable bed and fluffy pillows, the overall attention to detail and environment of the hotel makes a major difference.

Great amenities 

Hotel amenities can make or break your vacation or business trip. Most people want services that they do not enjoy in their everyday lives, while others want necessities that will not affect their daily routine. For example, an onsite restaurant adds convenience to the guests’ stay and a swimming pool may be perfect for families with kids or a morning lap swimmer. A fitness center is also a great addition for those who work out every day and free high-speed internet is essential for those who want to stay connected to the world.

Security and safety

Every guest wants to feel safe whenever they lay their head down to sleep at night or even during the day. When staying in a hotel, most people are in an unfamiliar, new place and they are surrounded by people they have never met. Hotels must do everything possible to ensure that their guests feel secure and safe in their premises. Some of the security measures that you can expect from a hotel include 24/7 staffing, key entry, locked safes for valuables, and security guards manning the property.

Excellent customer service

For hotels, customer service must always be top-notch. Hotels where staff offer the little extras usually make their guests feel valued and taken care of. From the time you check into the hotel, the priority of the staff should be to make you feel comfortable and welcome. How issues are handled will also separate good customer service from excellent customer service. When staying in a hotel, the hotel should do everything possible to ensure you are well taken care of.

Today, most travelers are millennials and they have unique needs that must be met by every hotel. The hospitality industry must quickly adapt to provide the best services to this fast-shifting customer base. Things like refreshments and complimentary breakfast are no longer indulgences but among the things that guests expect to find in a hotel. Therefore, every hotel that wants to thrive today must provide the best amenities and services to suit the needs of their guests.

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